About Army Scout Masters contest
Head of delegation
Team leader
Reconnaissance squad – 10 persons
Reserve personnel – 2 persons
Coaching group – 2 persons
Support unit (medical staff, interpreter, media representative) – 3 persons
Maintenance unit – 2 persons
1. Air landing and battle march.
2. Driver mechanics competition.
3. "Scout Trail" obstacle course.
4. Shooting competition.
5. Army reconnaissance squad march to the assembly area upon accomplishing the mission.
Mi-8 helicopter
Close range unmanned aerial vehicle


Full strength reconnaissance squad performs landing from Mi-8 helicopter by landing or parachute landing way, goes to the assigned assembly point, located up to 1000 m from the landing zone.

At the assembly area squad's commander reports by radio station to his higher commander about the results of going into "enemy's" rear area.

Then scout squad performs 10-15 km march on compass bearing (or map) passing all control points in full strength in the conditions of a possible meeting with the "enemy". Having passed the marsh the squad shall set a reconnaissance ambush.


1. Getting into the helicopter.
2. Getting out from helicopter.
3. Gathering after air landing.
4. Cargo search.
5. Compilation and transmitting of the report.
6. 10-15 km march (compass march or map).
7. Realization scout ambush.
Scout section personnel successively carries out firing exercises individually and in section composition, throws cold arms and training hand grenade (offensive) on accuracy.
1. Crossing mine-explosive obstacles.
2. Communication establishment and report to the commander on the results of combat task fulfillment.


1. Pistol firing (section leader).
2. Assault rifle firing (section leader, senior scout, driver mechanic, sapper- scout, radio-operator scout (code operator), medic scout, scout).
3. Machine gun firing (machine gunner-scout).
4. Sniper rifle firing (sniper-scout).
5. Grenade launcher firing (grenadier-scout).
6. "Reconnaissance section in ambush" within reconnaissance group.
7. Throwing of a knife, an infantry shovel and a training hand grenade (offensive) on accuracy


The reconnaissance group crosses a 100 m wide water obstacle with arms, equipment and available means. The driver performed the element "Afloat driving".

After water obstacle crossing section commander reports by radio to the upper commander on the results of the combat task.

Then scout section performs 3-5 km quick march, combat firing and concentration at the assembly area.


1. Water obstacle crossing in section composition.
2. Preparation for demolition and demolition of objects.
3. 3-5 km quick march in scout section with combat firing.