Nakhabino, Moscow region
About Masters of Armored Vehicles contest
Team (10 persons max)

Team leader
B-category driver – 1 person
C-category driver – 2 persons

E-category driver – 1 person
Rigger — 1 person
Technical staff — 3 persons
1. Individual race:
− narrow-pass driving.
− obstacle crossing.
− narrow-pass trailing.
− water-crossing.
2. Team relay race.
3. Team leader competition
Ural-4320 (43206)
KamAZ-5350 (4350)
Improper execution results in 30 seconds penalty. If a vehicle breaks down during exercise or if a competitor bypasses an element the crew receives 0 points. No restarts. The crew is allowed to exchange broken vehicle for a working one to proceed exercise. Refusal to perform the exercise results in 0 points.

During the race drivers compete in several categories: light vehicle drivers, truck drivers, semi-truck drivers. Light vehicle drivers perform narrow-pass driving and obstacle crossing. Truck drivers perform obstacle crossing and water-crossing Semi-truck drivers perform narrow-pass trailing.

The exercise shall be performed on the specified track in a day-light along the route, equipped with restricted roads.
The route length is 800 m.

− False start.
− Limiting bars hitting, ramp rolling down.
− Railway platform falling off or tripping over a preventer.
− Railway platform passing without stops.

− Vehicle position on the ramp is not horizontal.
− Switching to rear gear more than once in turn-around area.
− Vehicle off route (driving on soft shoulder).



The exercise is performed on the motordrome in daytime with driver having gas mask on. Route length is 1,200 m.

- Improper start line vehicle positioning.
− False start.
− Limiting bars hitting.
− Tripping over cover or antitank trench walls.
− Improper cover vehicle positioning (vehicle position is not horizontal).

− Vehicle roll back when crossing obstacles.
− Vehicle fall off the track bridge, bench or tripping over a preventer.
− No stopping before the bench obstacle stop line.
− Putting off protection gear during the exercise.

The exercise is performed in accordance with the scheme with driver having gas mask on. Route length is 1,000 m


- improper start line vehicle positioning.
− false start.
− limiting bars hitting.
− trailer reattaching.
− improper parking by the wall. (distance between the wall and the vehicle exceeds 20 cm).
− moving before the second crew member is in a cabin and the door is closed.
− incomplete lowering or ascending of a front bolster during attaching or detaching the trailer.

The exercise consists of two parts and is performed on water obstacle course. Route length is 300 m, 180 meters long 0.5 meters deep fording section. 120 meters long 1.7 meters deep fording section.
- improper start line vehicle positioning.
− anticipation of the start.
− vehicle stop during fording.
− vehicle engine stop.
− ford walls or buoys hitting.
− vehicle roll back when exiting from water.

Team Relay race includes the following vehicles in their order of priority: Light vehicles, two trucks one at a time. Relay race conditions are determined in the Regulations of 'Masters of Wheeled Vehicles' International Competition. Route length for light vehicles and trucks is 7.6 km. Timing begins as the first light vehicle starts and stops at the finish.


− Improper start line vehicle positioning
− Anticipation of the start
− Elements bypassing
− Improper use of off-road or selfextraction measures
− Tripping over obstacles (stubs, stones, trees etc.)
− Vehicle engine mode or gear selection disregarding road conditions
− Driving off route
− Road elements hitting
− Driving

Upon competing, the results are put into the ranking table, summed up and the winners are determined. The competitor with the best time gets the first place and scores points equal to the number of all competitors in the category. For example, nine competitors race winner receives nine points, runner-up receives eight points etc. 'Best driver' category is defined among light vehicle, truck semi-truck drivers. Winners are determined by the overall sum of points received. In case of equal score an additional round team leaders are to compete in 'obstacle crossing' on trucks.
Winners and competitors are awarded during the awards ceremony. In teams, winners are awarded with the cup, medals and souvenirs, second and third place winners are awarded with medals and souvenirs. In categories, winners are awarded with medals and souvenirs. On each category completing race the results are put into rating table, summed and the winners are determined.