Saint Petersburg
About Military Medical Relay Race contest
Team (14 persons max)

MALE team:
• Team leader – 1 person
• Coach - 1 person
• Interpreter – 1 person
• Medical staff – 3 persons
• MT-LB driver – 1 person

FEMALE team:
• Team leader – 1 person
• Coach - 1 person
• Interpreter – 1 person
• Medical staff – 3 persons
• MT-LB driver – 1(male participant permitted for that role)

1. Individual skills.
2. Team competition
MT-LB light multi-purpose armored towing vehicle.

1. PM pistol (or similar type of pistol) or AK-74 (or similar type of assault rifle) shooting.
2. Obstacle course.
3. First aid delivery:
− the approach to the "wounded";
− temporary stop of bleeding;
− removal of the "wounded";
− primary bandage imposition and evacuation of the "wounded"

This stage results determine each participant's place in the contest rating table.

1. Participants 1, 2 and 3 creep consistently following the rules of camouflage and overcome natural and artificial obstacles.
2. Having the obstacles overcome participant 1 approaches the "wounded", twists a tourniquet on a middle third of a thigh and removes him on the back following the rules of camouflage 30 meters far to the cover. Female participants remove "wounded" with a martial cloak and a strap. Then participants 1 twists spiral bandage on a damaged body part.
3. Participants 2 and 3 approach the provisionally damaged vehicle removed the "wounded" from driver's hatch with a special strap. Then participant 2 twists circular head bandage and transports "wounded" with a strap to the cover.
4. After the removal of "wounded" from damaged vehicle participant 3 comes to the bank side and starts the preparations.
5. Under the signal of field referee, MT-LB driver starts to move through the course takes out hand barrow and starts organizing the bank side.
6. After the help to those "wounded" participants 1, 2 come to the bankside.
7. As soon as the crossing side is completed participant 2 gets cross to help the driver with receiving of the "wounded" with a rope temporary bridge.
8. Participants 1 and 3 carry the "wounded" №1 and №2 over the water obstacle, places them in the MT LB.
9. Participants 1 and 3 sequentially move towards MT LB.
10. «Wounded» are being accommodated in MT LB.
11.All the participants take their places in the MT LB.
The bandage is loose (slips), or if the overlay forms pockets, folds.
The bandage is not attached or fixed by the node above the wound.
Bad camouflage when crawling, inept use of a land relief.
Wounded is slipping on the ground. Insufficient fixation of the tire when applying ladder splints.
Violation of sequence of operation when overlap of splint.
Splint does not provide the necessary immobilization of "wounded" extremities.

For the failure of one element of exercise.
Violation of the order of the track (for each element). When a security compromise, at the decision of judicial board by a majority vote, result shown is not counted, new attempt is prohibited.
The individual skills and the personal level of training are determined by the least time of competition stages fulfillment.
The team place is determined by the least time of all stages fulfillment.
In case of equal time of two or more commands a priority is given to the command which demonstrates the best result in individual performance.