Murom, Vladimir region
About Open Water contest

Team leader
Competition team leader
Pontoon company – 72 men
Engineer squad – 5 men
Amphibious APC crews: platoon leader,

3 crews, 2 persons each – 6 men
BAT track layer – 2 men
Coaching group – 2 men
Maintenance unit – 3 men
Technical support unit – 2 men

1. Engineer reconnaissance of a water obstacle by engineer reconnaissance patrol on special inflatable boat.
2. Deploying the bridge over the anti-tank ditch and driving towards water obstacle by BAT trail-builder.
3. Mortar battery water-crossing by amphibious carriers.
4. Evacuation of injured man from the far bank by boat.
5. Equipping of 60 ton ferry and transporting of the ammunition vehicle to the far bank.
6. Equipping of two platoon ferries and transporting of tank platoon group to the far bank with the replacing of the interior bay in the second platoon ferry.
7. Equipping of a company ferry and transportation of heavy tracked vehicles to the far bank.


PMP pontoon-bridge park
PTS amphibious medium transport vehicle
SNL special inflatable boat.
BAT track layer
Diving equipment
BMK towing motorboat

The engineer-technician squad owing the inflatable boat SNL starts moving to the waterline to overcome the water barrier (open water maneuvering section), the engineer-technician squad goes to the far bank and takes the deliberate shelter.
BAT Trail-builder crew moves from the starting line, overcomes the water obstacle and reaches the bank for deploying the bridge over antitank ditch. Using the bulldozing kit Trail-builder deploy the bridge over antitank ditch and organizes the road to the water obstacle
PTS Amphibious Personnel Carrier crews moves from the starting line overcomes obstacles and reaches "Ural-4320" vehicles shipping place. Crews complete shipping of "Ural-4320" vehicles on the carrier, fix it and after overcoming water obstacle, reach far bank.
Bridge-erection Boat crew on the main vehicle moves from the starting line overcomes obstacles and goes to the waterline. The task is to evacuate the injured man from the far bank. The boat crew unships the main vehicle on the water surface, overcomes water obstacle and evacuates the injured man from the far bank. The task is complete when the injured man is delivered to the home bank.
Pontoon company personnel using three vehicles with interior bays and one shore bay moves from the starting line overcomes obstacles and goes to waterline with the purpose of equipping of 60 ton. ferry and transporting of the vehicle loaded with ammunition to the far bank. Pontoon company crew throws the interior bay on the water surface, arranges the ferry, ships the vehicle and transports it to the far bank. When task is complete, crew goes back to the home bank.
Pontoon company from the start line, overcoming obstacles, advances to the water's edge, with the task to equip 2 ferries and transportation of equipment on the opposite shore.

The company throws the interior bay on the water surface when reaching the waterline, assembles the ferry. When ready the equipment is being transported on the ferry and one by one sent to the opposite shore, where it is assembled in the designated area.
Pontoon company personnel assembles company ferry, ships the equipment, transport it to the far bank and go back to the home bank. This is the end of the competition.
As a result of the stages of competitions, teams are awarded medals for the first, second and third places. The places of participating teams in the rating table are determined by the number of medals received in individual Competitions. Winners are determined in the team classification for the largest number of medals won.
Awarding of winners and prize-winners is carried out in team standings with medals for the first, second, third places and the cup for first place in the games.