Noginsk, Moscow region
About Road Patrol contest
Team (9 persons max)
Team chief
Team leader

Competitors – 3 persons
Maintenance (coaching) group – 4 persons

1. Military and technical relay race among teams and individuals.
2. Technicians contests:
• Traffic control with traffic wand and by hands.
• Measurement of a total vehicle steering play.
• Extreme driving
Lada "Vesta"
The countdown starts from the start moment of the vehicle. Baton exchange to the next contestant is executed by passing the traffic wand. The clock stops at the finish point of the third contestant after leaving the vehicle and lifting up the traffic wand.

1. To checkup functioning of external lighting devices by organoleptic method at the ground.
2. Carrying out a pistol exercise «Firing in various ways on appearing targets in the course of movement «Firing from stationary position against moving targets from different positions».
3. Area for fire extinguishing, resulted by a simulated road traffic collision.
4. Platform for first-aid treatment to injured, resulted by a simulated road traffic collision

  • Violation of safety requirements.
  • Incorrect (incomplete) use of external light devices, their malfunction.
  • Incorrect execution of signals of the captain of the team.
  • Violation of the use of seat belts during the movement of the car.
  • Incomplete execution of the exercise element.
  • Touching (hitting, knocking) of limiters (cones).
  • Rolling back when overcoming obstacles by more than 10 cm.
  • Damage to paintwork.
  • Deviation from the specified route.
  • Departure outside the roadway and artificial obstacles.

  • Temporary loss of control of the car, resulting in the drift (demolition) of the car, except for cases of drift (demolition), necessary for high-speed cornering.
  • Going beyond the bounds of the route.
  • Rides on obstacles (stumps, stones, trees, etc.)
  • Low results when shooting.
  • Violation of shooting conditions.
  • Incorrect (incomplete) implementation of the list of first aid activities.
  • Stop of the car when overcoming obstacles.
Distance –about 3 kilometers
The participant should demonstrate knowledge background and the correct procedure for the practical implementation of the list of signals to control traffic by the judge command, the traffic wand (skills) technique, the signals performance of the traffic controller and to observe safety measures in the traffic control.
− Violation of uniforms.
− Violation of personal safety measures when reaching road intersection and leaving it.
− Failure to follow up the signal "Caution" when you change the position of a traffic controller or when you change the signal of a traffic controller (in cases where to carry out the signal "Caution" is obligatory).
− Incorrect (partial) carrying out orders of the judge.

The participant shall measure the total vehicle steering play using measuring instrument. The measurements are to be made by one contestant in three dimensions of the total steering play and by determining the mean value. The measurement is considered to be completed when mean values of the steering play are imaged on the gauge display. The test is carried out for a time. Local measuring instruments can be used to measure the total vehicle steering play.
In case of the order (sequence) violation or incorrect (incomplete) measuring of the total vehicle steering play, participant shall get a score of zero.


The participant demonstrates extreme driving with the execution of elements of counter-accident training.

  • Dimmed headlights are not turned on.
  • Violation of safety requirements when carrying out an element.
  • Inability to select the mode of operation of the engine and the transmission, corresponding to road conditions.
  • Damage to paintwork of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle breakdown.
  • Driving without fastened seat belt.
  • Temporary loss of vehicle control, entailed to skid (drift) of the vehicle, except cases of a skid (drift), required for high-speed turn corners.
  • Going beyond designated routes of the platform.
  • Limiters interference.
Awarding of winners and medalists of the Contest with cups and medals, decoration of winners with valuable prizes in the individual categories is carried out during the closing ceremony of the Competition. The winners among the teams for the first position will be decorated - the challenge cup, prize medals and souvenirs; for second and third positions - prize medals and souvenirs. The winners among the participants in individual categories will be decorated with diplomas and souvenirs.
The contest results are made out by the protocol and further by the approval of the senior judge of the contest. The results are to be given to participating teams. The teams results and the contestants are displayed in the rating table. Position in the rating table of the contest corresponds to the number of scores (for example, 10 participating teams (contestants) for the top position 10 points; the tenth position - 1 point). The team as well as the participant with the best time record (maximum number points) shall get the first position. The winning team is determined by the overall best time record for military and technical relay race baton and shall win in the category "Universal complex." The nomination "Universal specialist" is awarded to the participant who has shown the best individual time in the military and technical relay race. Following the results of the second contest in the individual relay race, nominations are awarded to: "The best traffic controller"; "The best technical supervision expert"; "The best extreme driver".