Korla, People's Republic of China
About Safe Environment contest
National crew representative — 1 person
Referee committee member — 1 person
Three RHM-4 NBC reconnaissance crews — 9 persons
Coach group — 2 persons Interpreter — 1 person
Support staff — 2 persons
Medical staff — 1 person
1. Individual race
2. Relay race
RHM-4 NBC reconnaissance vehicles
Each crew is to run 3 laps:

1. At the "Radiation" marking on the first lap the crew commander halts a vehicle and orders the CBRN reconnaissance crewmember to search for radioactive sources on the terrain. The CBRN reconnaissance crewmember uses a special device and reports to the crew commander when the task is accomplished. After the crew commander's order the CBRN reconnaissance vehicle can move on. At the "Poison" marking on the second lap the crew commander halts a vehicle and orders the CBRN reconnaissance crewmember to take water samples from a well, contaminated soil or vegetation. The CBRN reconnaissance crewmember reports to the crew commander when the task is accomplished.
2. At the "Decontamination" marking on the third lap the crew commander halts a vehicle and orders the crew to conduct decontamination of a shield installation covered with aqueous emulsion paint. The decontamination is completed after the paint is totally removed from the shield.
3. On the third lap crews move on to the line of countering a commando unit (firing from a BTR-80 armament). After the task is accomplished the crew commander orders to move on. The crew halts the vehicle at a start line, dismounts, puts on life vests and crosses obstacles.
Simultaneous, in accordance with the draw (procedure must be held 2 days in advance).
14.2 km circular route. 2 NBC reconnaissance vehicles are allowed to be en route.
40 7.62 mm PKT machine gun rounds in belt of which 13 tracing rounds.

20 seconds penalty time for every missed target.
In front – not less than 3 m.
Appears once for 30 seconds.
Distance – 450-350 meters
(TARGET #16)
Appears once for 30 seconds.
Distance – 500-400 meters
The target moves under the angle of 45-90 degrees to the firing area with the speed of 15-20 km/h at the distance of 200 meters.
Distance to the target – 600-500 meters.
2 crews per 2 vehicles from each team.

Start is simultaneous in accordance with the draw procedure.

17.6 km
The route is equipped with the same obstacles as the one of the first stage does.

When the last crew member of the first run crosses the finish line, the crew commander passes the relay baton to the second crew of the team of the participating nation. The second crew drives to the site where the first crew has left a recon chemical vehicle, overcome the obstacles in the same order and passes the relay baton to the third crew of the team.

The third crew follows the same route as the first and second ones and finishes. The overall time count of the crew drive starts with the command of the Head of the Jury of the competition from the moment a vehicle moves off until the last member of the third crew crosses the finish line.

The winners and the awardees of the competition are determined by the Jury based on the total points received by the competitors through the contest.

Participants' best results are registered as the teams' best time. Winners should have the shortest time among all others (including penalty time).

Jury members decide on the winners according to their performance at each stage of the contest (the total points include stage points and penalty time for breaking the rules or exceeding the time limit), and in case of a tie, the second stage of the competition (a relay) is considered a tie-breaking criteria.

The overall results for the three stages of the competition are finalized in a protocol which is signed by the jury and approved by the chief referee of the competition. The scores will be announced later.
-For tripping-over on the each landmine while overcoming tread way in a minefield.
- For each touchdown of agile dolly block of generously proportioned tunnel.
- In case of backing when crossing an obstacle.
10 SEC
- Road out of APC behind limiting dimension of the route
- For falling from the simulation device of the tread way bridge (road out from the bridge even just one wheel)
- For each overthrow restricted pillars
- For loss of armament, uniform or equipment
- For breaching terms of overcoming fire assault obstacle
20 SEC
- Radioactivity emitter is not found, each poisonous substance is not designated
- In case of breaking sample-taking procedures or the sample is non-identified or each packed incorrectly
- In case of breaking first aid procedures
- 2 or more participants on the same fire assault course
- Non-overcoming an obstacle
30 SEC
- Each violation of the conditions of combat shooting (shooting from the machine, overcoming obstacles on the route, traffic along the route).
- Nastavlenie store at the firing position after firing a machine gun.
- Each non-produced change firing positions when firing from the machine gun after firing another goal.
- Improper installation of the launch tube to the capping or covering of the closure cap at the end of the war.
- Shooting at a target in a helicopter stopped fighting machine.
- Bypass (ignore) any element of a single obstacle.
- Stop on the slope or the slide with him.
- Stop on the track of the bridge or fall with it.
- Stop on the hill.
60 SEC
- For the avoidance of obstacles.
- The violation of security requirements (driving with open hatches, sampling or exploration without PPE).
90 SEC
- If the unit commander or anti-aircraft gunners take position for shooting closer than 25 m from a combat vehicle.
- The hit of any part of the assault rifle to the ground (surface) when firing.

- For deliberate crossing of more than two sites.